Excessive Play In Steering Wheel Dodge Ram 1500

Excessive Play In Steering Wheel Dodge Ram 1500

Excessive play in steering wheel on a Dodge Ram 1500 refers to when you can turn the steering wheel more than 1 1/2” without causing the truck’s front wheels to move. This troubleshooting guide details possible causes and corrections for excessive play in steering.


Dodge Ram Excessive Play in Steering Wheel 1500 2500 3500

  1. Worn or loose wheel bearing. To fix this, replace the vehicle’s wheel bearing.
  2. Worn or loose suspension or steering components. Replace or tighten steering or suspension components as necessary.
  3. Worn or loose steering gear. Replace steering gear with a new gear.

It’s recommended to use a downloadable repair manual when preforming service or repair to your Dodge Ram 1500. Additional information regarding excessive play in steering is provided in the manual.


  1. How to get rid of play in steering wheel on my 2007 Dodger Ram 4.7 liter? It seems there is play in steering shaft. I took my truck to the dealership and they replace the tie rod ends. I got the truck back and there is still some play. I can move the steering wheel about 2 inches without movement in the shaft.

  2. What is the cause of free play in steering? I have recently bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 3.7L 6-cylinder and it has to much steering wheel play.

    • It’s usually the steering box. Dodge Ram trucks are notorious of that. You can get an AGR for about $350. But before you go spending money, figure out where it’s loose at.

  3. How to get rid of play in steering wheel? My 2006 Ram 2500 4X4 has steering issues. There is a lot of looseness and when I turn the wheel I can here a popping and feel a popping through the steering wheel. I have already replaced the tie rods, hub bearings and balljoints. Any suggestions?

  4. Have you tried adjusting the steering box? Play in steering most often comes from the steering box. They need to be adjusted every 70k miles or so. Get underneath the truck and have someone turn the wheel while the truck is off. Pinpoint where the popping sound is coming from.

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